Caregivers in Crisis: When Caring for an Elderly Family Member Becomes Too Much

Over 44 million Americans shoulder the responsibility of caring for an aging loved one. Whether it’s through monetary support, housing, medical care or other methods, more and more American families are feeling increased pressure about the emerging care needs of the older family members. Recent data suggests that Americans spend over 30 billion hours and $522 billion per year providing informal care to an elderly member of their family. As their care needs become more and more unmanageable, it’s imperative that we look for alternate means to make sure our parents and grandparents are taken care of can maintain their quality of life.

With all of the stories of elder abuse in the news as of late, it’s perfectly natural that you would feel reticent about placing your loved one in a nursing home or an assisted-living facility. However, when you need to make this choice, it’s important to thoroughly research your options.

In the unfortunate event that abuse, neglect or mistreatment does take place, you need to retain experienced and capable legal representation. The reality is that elder abuse does happen in many of these facilities, but you have the recourse to hold the guilty party accountable in the even that your elderly loved one suffers any sort of mistreatment or indignity.

At the end of the day, caregivers are not doing anyone – especially their older relative – any favors by trying to “go it alone.”

If a nursing home or assisted living facility is necessary to ensure your loved one is going to be taken care of, you must ask the right questions and make the best choice you can make for your family.

Likewise, you may feel like you are giving up if you ask for help or accept it when it’s offered. That’s simply not true. Taking a time out for yourself will allow you to recharge, get new perspective, and be a stronger caregiver.

You have the right to expect that your loved one is treated with care and dignity without having to do it all by yourself. This is especially true if you have reason to believe your family member is not receiving the care they deserve, or if they are being abused and neglected in any way by staff in a nursing home.

The attorneys at the Sugarman Law Firm have years of experience successfully trying elder abuse cases and will ensure your loved one’s facility is held responsible for their abuse and negligence. Call us today so we can get started.

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Winning Results

  • $1,400,000

    against a nursing home for the choking death of a resident

  • $1,000,000

    against an assisted living facility for injury and wrongful death of a resident

  • $930,000

    against a Middlesex County nursing home for a resident’s pressure ulcers and wrongful death

  • $3,000,000

    settlement for workers with mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis caused by asbestos in the workplace