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Administering medication to nursing home and assisted living facility residents is one of the most important daily tasks that NJ nurses perform.  Care and attention are necessary to ensure that administering medication is done without mistake.

Providing The Right Medication – It’s Their Job

Nurses, pharmacists facility administrators, doctors and nursing assistants all play an important role in ensuring that residents receive medications tailored to their individual needs. Because each nursing home resident typically requires multiple medications, medication errors could lead to serious injury or even wrongful death. Staff at all levels of the nursing home and/or assisted living facility must do their jobs correctly for the resident to receive the correct medication in the right dosage at the right time.

Common Medication Mistakes:

Sugarman Law Defends You and Your Loved Ones – Watch and Check for Signs of Medication Error

Have you noticed your loved one’s behavior changed? Has he or she grown tired and confused or experienced other physical symptoms? It’s possible that your loved one may be suffering from medication-related abuse. Ask the nursing home/assisted living facility staff to see what medications are being given to your family member, friend or loved one. If you suspect that he or she has been wrongly medicated, contact Sugarman Law immediately so we can help put an end to the negligence and obtain compensation for related injuries and/or wrongful death.

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Nursing home and assisted living facility medication errors are extremely common, yet widely underreported. Any resident suffering from injury caused by medication errors has a right to seek compensation for their losses.
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Winning Results

  • $1,400,000

    against a nursing home for the choking death of a resident

  • $1,000,000

    against an assisted living facility for injury and wrongful death of a resident

  • $930,000

    against a Middlesex County nursing home for a resident’s pressure ulcers and wrongful death

  • $3,000,000

    settlement for workers with mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis caused by asbestos in the workplace