Compassionate Personal Injury Lawyer Works Tirelessly to Protect the Rights of Trauma Patients Injured in NJ Hospitals

When a trauma victim comes to the hospital – because of a heart attack, a spinal injury from a car accident, an anaphylactic allergic reaction or any other emergency – time is of the essence. In the ambulance, emergency room and even on the operating table, patients rely on the training and skills of healthcare workers to provide them with lifesaving care.

Unfortunately, patient care is often neglected during emotional traumatic circumstances for a variety of reasons. These include lack of communication, understaffing and poorly stocked medical supply trays. When any of these types of problems occur in a hospital setting, the resulting injuries can be disastrous.

If you or someone you love is the victim of a mistake made by healthcare workers during a trauma treatment in a hospital, contact a caring and skilled medical malpractice lawyer who will fight for your rights. Barry Sugarman has offices in both Somerset and Camden counties and he is available by phone and will come to you, when necessary. He is passionate about protecting the interests of good people, like you, who have been injured by negligence and abuse in hospitals.

Common Traumas Seen by NJ Hospital Physicians

In a report released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) documenting visits to emergency rooms throughout the Untied States on a annual basis, it was found that about two-thirds of patients who go to the ER each year do so because the problem was considered so serious that “only a hospital could help.”

Of course, some people use the emergency room for routine healthcare such as sore throats or even more significant illness, such as the flu, when access to other health care is unavailable. However, emergency rooms throughout New Jersey see countless trauma victims daily. Conditions include:

Mistakes Made by Healthcare Workers When Caring for Trauma Victims in New Jersey Hospital Emergency Rooms

Trauma care is usually performed in hospitals under stressful circumstances. Emotional family members are nearby and inexperienced healthcare workers, especially in teaching hospitals, may be present. Especially when it’s a question of life and death, it’s easy for workers to make mistakes that could be prevented, but aren’t. Some reasons why patients become victims of hospital errors during trauma care include:

Lack of necessities: If the trauma room isn’t properly stocked, or if machines fail to work correctly, or if the appropriate medication or necessary blood isn’t available, patient care suffers tremendously. Unfortunately, when time is of the essence, any delay can cause serious injury.

Medication mistakes: Almost by definition, traumas are painful. If a patient isn’t properly medicated to manage pain, that may be considered medical negligence. Further, during tense trauma care, administering the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of a prescription can be lethal.

Failure to diagnose: Mistakes happen, but when a doctor or nurse’s error causes a patient harm, that may be medical malpractice. Failing to diagnose a condition, or any delay in diagnosing that condition, will likely cause a delay in treatment and subsequent injury to the patient.

Failure to treat wounds: Gun shot wounds, knife stabbings and even more routine cuts and lacerations are prone to infection if not cleaned and treated expeditiously. Untreated infections can be fatal.

Failure to communicate: During trauma care, there is a lot of activity; doctors and nurses and other healthcare employees working feverishly to get at the root of the patient’s problem. A lack of communication, or miscommunication, can cause mistakes that lead to serious injury.

General staffing concerns: If workers aren’t properly trained, or hospitals are understaffed, patient care will likely suffer. With too much to do and not enough people or time to do it, patient neglect results.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of negligence as the result of a mistake made in the emergency room or anywhere else in a hospital or nursing home, you deserve experienced legal assistance by a lawyer who will work hard to get you the maximum compensation allowed by law. Call Barry Sugarman today for a free consultation about your personal injury case.

Skilled NJ Hospital Injury Lawyer Protects Your Rights When You’ve Been the Victim of Trauma Care Neglect

Barry Sugarman is passionate about fighting for the rights of clients who have been victimized by careless and negligent mistakes in hospitals and nursing homes. Whether you have been injured a prescription medication error, a misdiagnosis and especially if the trauma that brought you to the hospital was exacerbated by a healthcare worker’s mistake, Mr. Sugarman can help.

Contact him today for a free consultation about your person injury case. He never represents hospitals or insurance companies. His entire legal practice is focused solely on helping New Jersey residents who have been wronged by medical malpractice. Call him today for sound, legal advice and tireless, caring representation.


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Winning Results

  • $1,400,000

    against a nursing home for the choking death of a resident

  • $1,000,000

    against an assisted living facility for injury and wrongful death of a resident

  • $930,000

    against a Middlesex County nursing home for a resident’s pressure ulcers and wrongful death

  • $3,000,000

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