Davis County Nursing Assistant Arrested for Elder Abuse

nursing home abuse lawyer somerville njElderly abuse is a serious societal problem that should concern every citizen with an aging loved one. The elderly population is considered more vulnerable to private and institutional abuse because many are unable to efficiently report their problems to the authorities. Individuals who have been charged with abuse of seniors can face both criminal and civil repercussions for their actions.

Davis County, OK Nursing Assistant Arrested for Elder Abuse

a 30-year-old citizen of Utah was arrested on October 7th after evidence regarding his unacceptable elder abuse was revealed. According to court documents, police first became aware of an ongoing issue when family members of the alleged victim became concerned about their condition. The family members reached out to the Davis County Police for assistance.

Police began investigating the suspect who worked as a nursing assistant at the Chancellor Garden Assisted Living facility. They reportedly viewed hours of security footage from the facility, and police found substantial evidence confirming the perpetrator’s abusive tendencies towards a specific resident of the facility. Documents state that the individual repeatedly elbowed the victim and shoved them against the wall on several different occasions. Ultimately, the nursing assistant was arrested and charged with six counts of aggravated abuse of an elder adult. In the state, such a crime is considered a second-degree felony.

Legal Recourse for Elder Abuse Victims

Each state has its own unique laws regarding the abuse of seniors. Every state allows victims to take legal recourse for the abuse, including civil and criminal avenues for justice. The two types of legal recourse are explained below:

• Criminal: Abuse is a crime in every state. Physical, financial or emotional abuse can be met with imprisonment, fines and other penalties against the perpetrator.
• Civil: Victims can pursue compensation for the private or institutional neglect or abuse by pursuing a lawsuit against their abuser.

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Elder abuse is a nationwide issue that is not limited to Davis County. Residents of nursing homes in Somerville, NJ, and Marlton, NJ remain vulnerable to this problem, too. Loved ones must always remain vigilant about their family members who are in such a facility. No one deserves to be treated in an inhumane or abusive manner. If you feel that your loved one’s rights are being violated, then reach out for help immediately by filling out our online contact form.

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