Neglect and Abuse Issues Within Kentucky’s Nursing Homes

nursing home abuse lawyer marlton njNursing homes are supposed to be a place where seniors can receive the attention and care they need around the clock, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that some state’s facilities fail to meet up to the proper standards of care when it comes to protecting the elderly from abuse and neglect.

Kentucky’s Nursing Homes Need Reform

Recent reporting by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services revealed that almost half (43 percent) of all nursing homes in the state of Kentucky were either “below average” or “much below average.” These facility’s failure to meet a standard level of care has, unfortunately, resulted in death in many cases. Sadly, the state’s homes continue to be rated among some of the worst in the entire nation.

Recently Reported Incidents from State Inspections

Stories continue to surface from state inspection reports that highlight the seriousness and pervasiveness of elderly abuse in the state. A number of these reports highlight the serious issue of inadequate staffing in the majority of the state’s nursing homes. Nurses and aids are often underpaid for the difficult and highly demanding job, which leads many to believe that it is just one of the underlying causes of such serious abuse and neglect in nursing homes, coupled with severe understaffing. The state inspection reports found the following on a number of Kentucky nursing homes:

Hodgenville Nursing Home: patient reportedly spent the entire night on toilet screaming for assistance to get back into bed
Paducah Nursing Home: a resident’s urinary infection was neglected and staff dealt with his screams of pain by removing a prosthetic in his throat to silence him
Northern Kentucky Nursing Home: a 45-year-old resident fell down a stairwell in a wheelchair and was not discovered for over nine hours

Politics and Nursing Home Abuse

Many advocates have suggested bills that would require nursing homes to adhere to minimum staffing requirements, but such proposed legislation has not been successful. Many suggest that these efforts may be failing because the state’s health care facilities continue to send massive donations to politicians in the state.

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse in Somerville and Marlton, NJ

While the state of Kentucky is undergoing reform in these areas, neglect and abuse of the elderly continues to be a nationwide concern. Reporting the crime to the authorities can result in criminal penalties for abusers, but often the perpetrators are never held accountable for their actions. Citizens who have witnessed the abuse of an elderly loved one may benefit from seeking out a civil case against the guilty party.

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