Nursing Home Abuse: Certified Nursing Aide Charged With Manslaughter

Maureen Flowers, a Certified Nursing Aide in Tarrytown, New York is being charged with manslaughter for the death of an 86-year-old resident at Tarrytown Hall Care Center in 2012.

The elderly woman, who was under the care of Flowers at the time of the incident, suffered from “several debilitating physical ailments which prevented her from walking or speaking and rendered her totally dependent upon the staff for her care”. Standard nursing home procedure requires a mechanical lift and TWO trained persons to operate the equipment anytime the resident was to be transferred from the bed to ensure the safety of the resident.


According to reports, Flowers allegedly used the mechanical lift by herself and subsequently dropped the resident during the transfer causing her to suffer from multiple injuries including fractures to her spine and right leg, a broken nose and bruising to her face. The resident was left bleeding on the floor while Flowers ran to find another aide who would lie and say she was helping Flowers transfer the resident at the time of the incident. The resident died two hours later.

On March 20, 2013, the other aide pleaded guilty to falsifying business records that stated she was assisting Flowers during the transfer. Flowers now faces a manslaughter sentence that could result in up to 15 years in state prison for her lack of care to the resident.


Being able to trust those who care for your loved ones is arguably one of the most important factors that weigh into the difficult decision of choosing a nursing home or health care facility. You want to ensure during your loved one’s stay that all his or her needs are being met, especially because you cannot physically be there with them every hour of every day.

Your loved ones have RIGHTS protected by law. Nursing homes have regulations that they MUST follow to guarantee these rights and to protect them from abuse.

Sugarman Law and its nursing home litigation team represent nursing home neglect victims and their families – every day. We obtain compensation for those who suffer injuries and death from nursing home neglect and abuse.

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