Nursing Home Abuse Statistics

Nursing Home Abuse StatisticsHow common is nursing home abuse? If you’re considering nursing home residence for your loved one, or you already have a family member in a nursing home, you may be wondering how common nursing home abuse or neglect is. Let’s review nursing home abuse statistics, including tips for keeping your loved one safe.

More Than 2 Million Cases of Elder Abuse are Reported Each Year

Over two million cases of elder abuse are reported each year. An estimated one out of every ten elderly residents will experience some form of nursing home abuse. It’s possible that these numbers are even underrepresented since a large percentage of nursing home abuse victims never report it.

Over 15,000 Nursing Home Complaints Were Filed with Ombudsman in 2020

Over 15,000 nursing home complaints were filed with the Ombudsman in 2020. Ombudsman is an official who looks into complaints about local businesses. This is only one place where families can report suspected nursing home abuse. Again, it’s estimated that many cases of nursing home abuse go unreported.

Of these reports, 29% were related to physical abuse. Physical nursing home abuse includes physical inflictions of pain, like hitting, pushing, kicking, or shoving. Another 22% included resident-on-resident abuse. When many people think of nursing home abuse, they think of a caregiver or other staff member abusing or neglecting the residents.

Abuse can also occur between two or more residents. If the nursing home doesn’t maintain a safe environment, it can lead to nursing home abuse between residents. Another 21% of reported abuse cases were related to psychological abuse. This type of nursing home abuse includes threatening, manipulating, bullying, or belittling residents. It’s often much more difficult to recognize emotional abuse, meaning many cases likely go unreported.

Around 14% of nursing home abuse reports were related to neglect. Nursing homes that are overstaffed or undertrained may be responsible for neglect. They may not provide residents with the medical or assistive care they need. The other nursing home abuse types included sexual abuse and financial exploitation.

More Than 40% of Nursing Home Residents Have Reported Abuse

An estimated 40% of nursing home residents have reported abuse. More than 90% of residents have reported that they or another resident in the nursing home have been neglected.

The Elderly are the Least Likely to Report Abuse

Even more surprising is the fact that the elderly are the least likely demographic to report nursing home abuse. Many residents may not realize that they’re the victim of nursing home abuse. Even more may feel that reporting it is useless. This can lead to under-represented rates of nursing home abuse.

How to Keep Your Loved One Safe

Do your research before choosing a nursing home for your loved one. Consider the reviews and any previous reports of abuse. Once you choose a nursing home for your loved one, make sure you’re visiting enough to recognize the signs of abuse. If you suspect nursing home abuse, make sure you report it as soon as possible. 

Reporting suspected abuse ensures the right authorities look into the nursing home, which could potentially save your loved one or other residents at the nursing home.

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