Signs of Nursing Home Abuse You Shouldn’t Ignore

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse You Shouldn't IgnoreSome signs of nursing home abuse are easy to recognize, including bruises, lacerations, or broken bones. Other signs, however, may be more subtle, leading to many people ignoring them. Learning to recognize the subtle signs of abuse can help you keep your loved one in a nursing home safe. Here are some of the subtle signs of abuse that you should never ignore.

Unexplained Injuries

Accidents and injuries can and do happen in a nursing home. However, there may be more to the story when there isn’t an explanation for your loved one’s injury. If your loved one suffers broken bones or cuts without explanation, it’s possible that the staff is trying to cover up what really happened.

Frequent Injuries

Frequent injuries may also be worth looking into more. If your loved one continues to experience cuts or broken bones, getting to the cause is important. It’s possible that they’re the victim of physical abuse. It’s also possible that the nursing home and its staff aren’t providing your loved one with a safe and danger-free residence.

Mood Changes

Quick mood changes may be attributed to medical conditions or dementia, but they can also be a sign of emotional abuse. If your loved one’s mood suddenly changes without reason, there may be a problem. Nursing home residents may become fearful of their caregivers if they have been victims of abuse. They may even become depressed or standoffish.

Bad Personal Hygiene

Multiple medical conditions and a lack of mobility can make it difficult for seniors to bathe or groom themselves. However, nursing homes are tasked with assisting residents with hygiene duties. When you notice a decline in your loved one’s personal hygiene, it could be a sign of nursing home neglect. You may notice your loved one wearing the same clothing or that their bedding isn’t changed out frequently enough.

Missing Valuables

Missing valuables can also indicate financial abuse. You may notice one or two missing valuables and think nothing of them. Financial abuse may also include illegally using a resident’s credit card or social security number. Nursing home residents may not even realize that these items are missing.

What to Do With Subtle Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

You should never ignore subtle signs of nursing home abuse. A missing valuable or small cut may not be proof enough to report abuse, but it’s worth noting. If your loved one has been subject to a lot of unexplained injuries, make sure you check up on them often. If you notice valuables missing, make an inventory of their personal belongings. Make sure you have access to their online accounts and check them often.

If you believe that your loved one may be at risk, report the nursing home abuse. You may have enough evidence to open an official investigation into the nursing home. It’s possible that the state may find other instances of abuse to your loved one or other residents. Consider talking with a lawyer, as nursing home abuse can also be costly. You may be able to recover moving costs, medical bills, stolen valuables, and potentially even pain and suffering costs.

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