Early morning and you have a LONG day ahead of you. You run out of your house, get behind the wheel of your car and quickly take off down the road.  Almost instantly, you are fiddling with the radio trying to find your favorite station. Suddenly your phone rings. As you dig through your bag to find it, you barely notice the traffic light in front of you and you don’t stop as the light changes from yellow to red.  Driving through the intersection, you finally find your phone. You look down and see you have a missed call and a text message. You anxiously click to open the text message and begin typing back, as you bring your car to a full stop in traffic. Frustrated by the delay, you begin checking your Facebook, occasionally glancing up at the road. Distracted, you slam on your breaks a couple of times to avoid hitting the car in front of you.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?


ADMIT IT, we’ve ALL been distracted drivers.

Beyond being a trial lawyer, I am a father of 2 teenage drivers. I worry about my children being on the road with distracted drivers or even worse, being distracted drivers, putting themselves and others at risk for serious injuries or even death by auto.  For this reason, I support ENDDISTRACTEDDRIVING.ORG.

This school year, parents and lawyers that make up the New Jersey Association for Justice (NJAJ) are renewing the push to end distracted driving. As an active member of the NJAJ Board of Governors, I will be attending local student assemblies and Back to School Nights with other NJAJ parents to give presentations that will encourage students and their parents to TAKE THE PLEDGE to help end distracted driving.

Like many other important causes, ENDDISTRACTEDDRIVING.ORG was borne out of tragedy. In summer of 2009, 19-year-old Casey Feldman was killed by a texting driver while crossing the street to her summer job in Ocean City, New Jersey. Casey’s dad, Joel Feldman, a Philadelphia Trial Attorney founded the organization in her memory.


In memory of Casey Feldman and the thousands of others injured and killed by distracted drivers every year, we take the pledge to spread the word about this very important cause.

I urge you to be a part of the solution, visit: ENDDISTRACTEDDRIVING.ORG to learn about how you can help STOP distracted driving from taking another life.

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Winning Results

  • $1,400,000

    against a nursing home for the choking death of a resident

  • $1,000,000

    against an assisted living facility for injury and wrongful death of a resident

  • $930,000

    against a Middlesex County nursing home for a resident’s pressure ulcers and wrongful death

  • $3,000,000

    settlement for workers with mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis caused by asbestos in the workplace