Successful Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Families Whose Loved Ones Have Been Injured after Wandering or Eloping from NJ Assisted Living Facilities

Wandering and elopement are very real and dangerous problems in assisted living facilities. Many residents are mobile and long for the independence they enjoyed before moving into their current home. It’s not unusual for a resident of an assisted living facility to look for opportunities to stretch their legs and wander. When they wander off, unsupervised, the chance increases for elopement – leaving the facility entirely.

If your elderly loved one was injured because the staff or security system at their assisted living facility failed to keep them safe, your family deserves justice for the facility’s negligence. Contact compassionate and successful assisted living injury lawyer Barry Sugarman for sound legal representation. He will fight for your family as he has for countless other families in Somerset and Camden counties in New Jersey.

Sugarman Law Firm Fights for Maximum Compensation when an Assisted Living Facility Fails to Provide Adequate Supervision & Security in Camden & Somerset Counties, NJ

Make no mistake about it; you have every right to expect that your elderly loved one will be properly supervised in an assisted living facility or nursing home. Security is paramount in long-term care facilities because staff: resident/patient ratios are very strict and the budget-conscious facilities are often understaffed.
It’s estimated, in fact, that 11 to 24 percent of assisted living facility residents who are suffering from dementia related to Alzheimer’s disease wander on a regular basis.

If your elderly relative wandered off in an assisted living facility or its grounds beyond the supervised area, and gets injured, you may be able to file a negligence lawsuit. Injuries associated with wandering/eloping include: falls, getting hit by a car, being exposed to weather and extreme temperatures, and wrongful death. According to research published in Assisted Living Consult magazine, “there is a correlation between falls and wandering, related to fatigue, anxiety, and associated gait and balance instability.”

The assisted living facility staff is responsible for supervising all residents and creating a safe environment at all times. Excellent security requires doors within the facility to be monitored by working alarms and all doors/exits that lead out of the building to be locked at all times.

Of course, accidents do happen in assisted living facilities and nursing homes in Somerville, Marlton and all the surrounding NJ towns. However, if your loved one’s accident occurred because the staff failed to supervise residents or if security measures were not installed, or are not working, Barry Sugarman will fight tirelessly to hold the center responsible for your relative’s injuries.

Why is Elopement a Common Challenge in NJ Assisted Living Facilities?

Most often, assisted living facility residents who wander off or “elope” do so because they are mentally impaired. They may be suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. They may be taking medication that alters their mental state. Regardless, assisted living facility residents who wander are often confused and aren’t always certain where they are or where they should be. For example, someone suffering from memory loss may feel as though they need to get home to care for a child or that they are late for a meeting at the office.

On the other hand, someone who is physically sound but is very upset that they are unable to live in their own home anymore or feels they are being treated badly at the facility by staff or other residents, may try to “run away.” Someone with mobility issues, such as confinement to a wheelchair, is less likely to elope.

Speak to a Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer Today about Your Elderly Loved One’s Injuries Caused by Negligence in an Assisted Living Facility in New Jersey

An assisted living facility must take great care in determining which patients are wandering/elopement risks. Then, they must make every effort to keep that individual safe and under the watchful eye of staff. When they do not diagnose a wandering risk or fail to provide supervision and security to keep them safe, and they get injured, successful personal injury lawyer Barry Sugarman will hold the facility responsible for its negligence.

Contact Mr. Sugarman in one of his conveniently located offices in Somerville or Marlton, NJ. He has helped countless families, like yours, win the compensation they need following an elderly loved one’s accident. He has won millions of dollars for clients injured by neglect and abuse at assisted living facilities and nursing homes throughout New Jersey. He will work tirelessly to get you the justice you deserve.

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  • $1,400,000

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  • $1,000,000

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  • $930,000

    against a Middlesex County nursing home for a resident’s pressure ulcers and wrongful death

  • $3,000,000

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